Does Tesla charge more for Autopilot?

Since late 2016, Tesla has made its Autopilot technology a standard feature available on all of its vehicles.

Tesla users may take advantage of the comforts of automatic lane keeping, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring,

and automated parking assistance with the help of the Autopilot feature, which is available for free.

To fully utilise this technology, an extra fee will be needed to upgrade to Enhanced Autopilot, which enables the vehicle to automatically change lanes between motorways and match speed with traffic conditions.

Additionally, enhanced Autopilot provides more self-parking options and a Summon feature that can pull your car out of a garage or parking space without you having to take the wheel.

You can choose to purchase simply the Full Self-Driving Capability package for the current price of $8,000 instead of the Enhanced Autopilot package,

which will cost an additional $6,000 to purchase.